Tony Castagnoli, ASLA, PLA

Landscape Designer


Tony began his journey in landscape architecture in 2012 when he took his first courses. He entered the professional practice with PRI in 2016. Tony has assisted both the landscape architects and ecologists on staff in a wide variety of areas, from graphic compositions to the creation of environmental exhibits. Being trained in both hand and computer drafting skills, Tony has the ability to communicate an outdoor design with clear benefits for its users. Tony’s designs always balance economic and environmental constraints with creative demands, and prioritize health, safety, and welfare in every project.


  • Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, 2016, University of Wisconsin- Madison

Passion for the Profession

There’s a public park in my hometown named after my great-grandparents; I remember when it was being constructed and I was fascinated with how much life it brought to the community. I also love plants, and I find that this profession behooves me to remain fascinated with plants.

Outside Interests

My hobbies include reading, rollerblading, biking, cooking, and drawing. One of my goals in life is to write and produce a musical.