PLANNING RESOURCES INC. is an integrated team of Landscape Architects, Ecologists, and Natural Resources Planners. We design to restore the powerful connection between people and nature.

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About Planning Resources Inc.

Planning Resources Inc. (PRI) is a Chicago metropolitan area Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) specializing in community planning, landscape architecture, park and recreation planning, transportation planning, and natural resources protection and management planning.

We are project leaders and collaborative partners experienced in balancing creativity and functionality to create transformative environments where people live, work, and play. Our team of experienced professionals embraces the challenge of creating economically, socially, and environmentally impactful site solutions, while implementing thoughtful planning and purposeful design. We provide sound solutions for sensitive developments blending the “art” of design and the “science” of ecology to provide a site transformation that will stand the test of time.

Landscape Architecture

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Landscape Architecture is creating organized solutions for our outdoor environment. Accomplished through long-range planning, design, preservation and responsible stewardship, landscape architecture combines the built environment of project sites, neighborhoods and communities with protecting and managing our natural resources, providing a sustainable approach to creating livable communities through the manipulation and/or preservation of the natural environment. We enrich lives by developing creatively designed outdoor environments for people to live, work, and play. These spaces range from neighborhood parks to active sports complexes, to streetscapes and urban plazas. We balance our pursuit of innovation in design with a comprehensive understanding of social and cultural needs. The end result is an unforgettable experience of a space that is enriching to the spirit and promotes a healthy lifestyle. We provide a diverse range of professional design services from conceptual design to detailed construction documents and contract administration/observation services.

Landscape Architecture Services

  • Park and Recreation Planning
  • Sports Architecture and Athletic Complexes
  • Golf Course Architecture
  • Public Plazas
  • Streetscape Design
  • Site Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Commercial/Municipal Planning
  • Institutional/Campus Planning
  • Green-Roofs
  • Senior Living
  • Grant Applications

Master Planning

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Master Planning provides the opportunity for an organization to reflect upon its history and heritage, to assess its current condition and needs, and to create a vision and prepare for the future. A successful comprehensive master plan should create a framework of prioritized phased actions to realize the agency’s planning goals. The comprehensive master plan must capture the unique spirit of the community and clearly articulate a vision of excellent facilities and programs into effective policies and strategies. We provide customized approaches to public engagement to maximize input, communication, and consensus. We assemble teams of professionals to address diverse planning issues including staff engagement, workplace culture, building architecture, recreation programming, and engineering.

Planning Services

  • Comprehensive Open Space Master Planning
  • Public Engagement Workshops
  • Feasibility Studies


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The management of our natural resources begins with the careful understanding of our ecosystems and the built environment that affects them. Providing environmental services with a high degree of trust and reliability, ecologists practice stewardship through the promotion of natural resources and the scientific study of the inter-relationships of plant communities and the effects of our man-made environment, providing environmentally sensitive solutions to development.

Environmental Services

  • Environmental Planning
  • Wetland Determinations and Delineations
  • Permit Applications
  • Monitoring and Management Plans
  • Mitigation Design
  • Agency Coordination
  • Tree Inventory
  • Naturalized Stormwater Basins
  • Native Landscape Design
  • Streambank Stabilization Plans



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As an IDOT prequalified firm we specialize in the development of alternatives, public and agency involvement programs, and the preparation of NEPA documentation for major transportation facilities. We skillfully apply our team’s interdisciplinary skills on highway and rail projects ranging from the widening or upgrading of existing facilities to large-scale corridor studies on new locations.

NEPA documentation (EIS, EA, ECAD and Technical Reports)

  • Section 4(f), 6(f), and 106 reports
  • Agricultural impact analysis
  • Air, noise and water quality analyses
  • Corridor and feasibility studies
  • Land use and socio-economic analyses
  • Wetland delineation, mitigation and permitting
  • Tree Inventory
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys
  • Public and Agency involvement programs
  • Graphic illustrations and report writing
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Plans
  • Conservation Design documentation (EIS, EA, ECAD and Technical Reports)


PRI NAICS Codes: 541320, 541620, 541340 and 813312
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