Carrington Reserve in West Dundee exemplifies the principles of conservation design at its best. The 232-acre property accommodates 314 luxury single-family homes, 28 acres of retail commercial, and more than 100 acres of open space. Planning Resources Inc. led the preparation of a site-development plan for the Pulte Home Corporation that preserves and protects the natural features of this property that includes steep ravines and a high quality wet land community, or fen. This luxury-oriented mixed use planned development achieves the Village's goal of preserving the scenic beauty and environmentally sensitive habitat that exists on this site, while responsibly planning for sensible and balanced growth within the community.


  • Site Planning
  • Natural Resource Planning
  • Playground Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Contract Administration

Green Site Design Features:

  • Stormwater Runoff - Vegetated Swales
  • Implementation of Pollution Reduction Measures 
  • Preservation and Enhancement of Natural Ecosystems
  • Infiltration Water Recharge Galleries
  • Woodland Management