Inspired by its identity as "The Arboretum Village," Planning Resources Inc. designed this three time award winning 4.5-acre oasis in the Village of Lisle to serve as a beautiful western entrance into the community while supporting a diverse array of recreational activites.  A trail system around the park's two-acre pond provides walking and jogging opportunities.  Stone steps entice the public with safe access to the pond, while raised scenic overlooks offer refreshing views of fountains and naturalized shoreline, where boulders nestle among sedges, rushes and iris.  Side paths invite visitors to wander through native plantings identified by interpretive signage.

Accompanied by the soothing sounds of running water, visitors will encounter a variety of wildlife similarly attracted to the park by the wildflowers and water.  Children will especially enjoy the creative play area at the park's northern end.



  • Wetland Delineation  
  • Section 404 Permitting
  • Wetland and Riparian Submittals
  • Conceptual Design 
  • Construction Specifications
  • Bid Assistance
  • OSLAD Grant Assistance
  • Construction Observation 


Green Site Design Features:

  • Green Roof 
  • Environmentally Friendly Lighting
  • Conservation Design Practices
  • Permeable Pavers
  • Floodplain-themed Interactive Water Feature 
  • Environmentally Responsible Material Selection