The Conserve School

The Conserve School in Land ‘O Lakes, WI was founded in 2002 to fulfill James R. Lowenstine’s dream of creating a school at which children would be offered a comprehensive college preparatory education with a special emphasis on the importance of the environment.  The goal was minimal intrusion on nature and maximum compatibility with the natural landscape. The campus plan includes:  boarding high school facilities, administrative and academic buildings, and an ecologically visionary wastewater treatment system. 


  • Site Analysis
  • Siting of Buildings and Roadways
  • Environmental Coordination
  • Master Plan  Development

Green Site Design Features:

  • Minimal Tree Foresting
  • Abundant Wetlands Preservation
  • Prairie in lieu of Turf Grass
  • Vegetated Swales (which filter roof and parking stormwater )
  • Living Machine Waste Water Treatment
  • Prohibited Importation of Soil (to avoid unwanted non-native weed seed)