The Better Boys Foundation (BBF) / Kellman Community Center was designed to serve the North Lawndale area which has the lowest median household income ($9,9000.00) of all of Chicago's 77 formal communities and identified in 1980 in the report American Millstone as on of the nations's poorest. As the landscape architect along with architect Lucien Lagrange, Planning Resources assisted in planning and design as well as construction administration services for a new 25,000 square foot facility that would improve the quality of life for North Lawndale youth and their families. This highly sensitive development was part of the North Lawndale community renewal program. The goal of the new facility was to provide North Lawndale youth a safe, stable nurturing experience that enhanced their emotional, social, academic and career development so they may become self-sufficient and productive citizens. The new Center also represents the culmination of the work Joe Kellman started when he shifted agency focus away from sports and toward comprehensive youth development programming.

  • Site Master Planning & Design 
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